Sanitation with the steam for boats and yatch

sanificazione a vapore

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INFO NUMBER 800 16 06 83


Do you want to clean your boat after a period during which you haven't used it but you don't have the tools to clean it properly?
Eco Vapor Car Wash assures excellent results also in this kind of environments.
You can book your cleaning operation for your boat or your yatch and in a short period of time, you will be able to use it again.

Our staff will go where you boat is for the cleaning and sanitation operations. We will suck up all the surfaces present in the interior part of the cabins and in the exterior part, for example the bridges.

In a second moment we will intervene with the steam in the surfaces which are more exposed to the public contact and to very persistent dirt. The areas which will be treated with the sanitation operations will be the toilets, armchairs and stuffed armchairs or sofas, handles, kitchens if there spots and incrustations caused by continuative use of the tool.

It's also possible to ask our staff to undertake the sanitation treatment only on precise areas of the ship, in event of localized spot and very persistent dirt.