Car dealer's steam sanitation

sanificazione a vapore

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Are you a car dealer with the need of managing the internal and external cleaning of new, used or on display cars?
Eco-Vapor Car Wash solution will allow you to outsource this task, which, differently, would occupy much of the time of your inner resources.

Our highly trained staff will carry on the steam washing on car internal and external parts, obtaining a completely dry treated area avoiding the use of chemical cleansers.

I veicoli trattati non necessiteranno quindi di spazi dedicati o di particolari movimentazioni.

So, vehicles won't need specific area or handlings. Thanks to the steam innovative method, our staff can guarantee excellent results and a meticulous cleaning of every part of the treated vehicle, by improving its appearance and commercial value.

We offer a personalized service, according to the customer's needs, by planning operations, time and days in which the vehicle treatment will take place.