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Talking about polishing, it is good to know that...

...The interventions of the paintwork have an aesthetic result, but also for the protection of the metal sheets which protect the bodywork.

The atmospheric agents and smog have a highly corrosive effect on the most external part bodywork which protect the car; in the long term exposure to atmospheric agents without the proper protection can cause the presence of rust that irreparably damage the vehicle body.

Often, however, when we want a polishing for our car, we don't get the wanted results because on the surface there are little particles that, at the time of the treatment, create micro-scratches on the bodywork on which polishing is taking place.

The direct consequence is that the treatment that should make your bodywork shining, creates micro lesions on the surface, with the result that you will never get a perfect polishing.

So the correct polishing should take place with these phases:

1. Application of the abrasive paste which involves the elimination of imperfections that make the matte surface;

2. Application of a polishing product, able to delete any rows or imperfections left by the previous treatment through a special machine.

This ensures a long-lasting result and streak-free, thanks to the use of an innovative technology that fully complies with the bodywork of the vehicle.
In addition, our treatment also provides a long-lasting protection against external agents.

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