Steam sanitation for motorcycles

sanificazione a vapore

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Do you want a deep cleaning operation before starting to use your motorcycle after the winter?
Eco Vapor Car Wash suits you.

Fix a date and bring us your vehicle! Our cleaning operation provide not only the cleaning operations on hull and handlebar, as the traditional cleaning does, but also the surface of the seat.

Our staff undertakes the first operations with a superficial cleaning on the surfaces which are more exposed than the others to smog and atmospheric agents and, for this reason, they can be damaged.

In a second moment we undertake cleaning interventions with the saturated dry steam on stuffed parts and handles in order to remove possible germs and bacteria present on these surfaces. The cleaning with the steam can be used with very good results to remove the most persistent dirt on rims and the mechanic parts.

The final result will be a completely cleaned and sanitized vehicle, also after a period of inactivity because of the winter.

It's also possible to ask our staff to undertake the cleaning operation with the steam also on your helmet, both for the interior and exterior part of it.