Steam sanitation of private car and company dealers.

sanificazione a vapore

The surface sanitation, the deep cleaning of the tissues are only some of the advantages guaranteed by the innovative service Eco-Vapor Car Wash based on the use of the saturated dry steam.

The service is composed by the external cleaning of the bodywork. The surfaces on which the treatment take place are the seats, no matter the typology of covering, the dashboard, the air conducts and the carpets.

A complete home service with a competitive price.


The service provides a home intervention of one of our operators, with professional equipment, who will proceed autonomously, without any connections to water or electricity, to clean your car in its inside and outside parts and the engine compartment, if necessary.

The entire intervention lasts about an hour.

The service is available 7 days a week and must be booked at least 3 days in advance. During the cleaning service a courtesy car can be provided.


We use professional and last generation devices that can provide the correct amount of steam at a constant temperature of 160 and at a pressure which can vary from 4 up to 7 atmospheres.

Dirt is melt by the heat and the power of the steam jet and at the same time it's collected by the vacuum system, avoiding the presence of foam or halos because the operation doesn't require the use of detergents or solvents.

The part on which the washing is concentrated remains dry, so the operation can be performed in any kind of area, including box lanes and the courtyards. The steam temperature is raised up to 180 in order to obtain a deeper sanitation with a bactericidal and fungicidal effect.



Last generation and professional device with continuous steam system.
The most important functions are: steam, cleaners, hydrojet, vacuum cleaner.
The power of steam permits to clean and sanitize any kind of surface in a simple and deep way.
Preparatory phase
  • Remove everything present in the car compartment and in the trunk

  • Empty the ashtray and the compartments for the waste collections

  • Remove the floor mats

Ask for information and book your cleaning:

INFO NUMBER 800 16 06 83

Protocol of steam cleaning and sanitation

Download pdf for more informations

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