Steam sanitation for large good vehicles

sanificazione a vapore

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Do you have a large goods vehicle (truck, camper or van) used to wok or in your free time but you donŐt have the time to clean it and take care of it?
Eco Vapor Car Wash operated quickly and efficiently on vehicles of any dimension.

Our treatment can take place in a domiciliary way or in our parking on date. The cleaning on the interior part of trucks and camper takes place with a stage of suction on every surface of the cockpit in order to eliminate the superficial dirt and the dust.

We treat with the saturated dry steam the stuffed surfaces and all the parts of the cockpit, for example the air conducts, the superior part and the interior part of the doors.

The vehicles are treated with the steam also in the backside of the vehicle with the same operative measures. The lasting of the complete treatment, including the drying stage, changes considering the dimensions and the conditions of the treated surface.