Here some of videos referred to our sanitation service with the steam.

In this section you will find some of our cleaning interventions with the saturated steam.
The cleaning intervention is undertaken with excellent results on different kind of surfaces, thanks to the technology versatility.

Sanitation with the steam of every kind of surfaces with the ecologic steam method.

Steam car cleaning

The car is treated with the saturated steam on the interior and exterior part of the surfaces: sits, carpets, air conducts, wheels, bodywork, anterior and posterior lights and also the engine.
The posterior part, flaps and the superior part are treated with the steam.

Our working staff

Sanitation intervention with the steam on the engine and on the bodywork, with a particular attention to the wheels.
The technology of the saturated dry steam is very suitable to surfaces which are characterized by obstinate steam, such as the engine and the wheels, because of its dissolution action and the aspiration of the dirt.

Cleaning and sanitation with the steam of a camper

The steam is applied to the stuffed parts, such as sofas and mattresses; those surfaces are completely cleaned and sanitized, removing the most obstinate dirt and also the presence of bacteria and other presences, and then they are put again inside the cabin and in the posterior part of the car.